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Breathe Ease

Safe for Newborns to Adults.

Breathe Ease stands as your guardian against respiratory challenges. Crafted with a rich symphony of essential oils, our concoction dives deep to combat a wide spectrum of respiratory issues and, with consistent application, reinforces the strength of the respiratory system. Whether it's a stuffy nose or an unexpected bout of breathlessness, Breathe Ease offers a natural respite for every age.

Natural Relief Against

Eases chest inflammation for smoother airflow.

Clears nasal passages for easier breathing.

Offers organic decongestant relief from body aches and congestion.

Sore Throat
Delivers a warm soothing sensation.

Assists in opening airways during episodes.

Soothes bronchial passages to facilitate easier breathing.

Weak Respiratory System
Fortifies and strengthens the respiratory system with regular use, enhancing its natural defences against common breathing challenges.

Viral Infections
Acts as a potential defence against symptom severity.

Sinus & Nasal Issues
Clears sinus pathways when applied along the nose bridge.

Sudden Breathlessness
Specifically formulated to provide rapid relief during unexpected episodes of shortness of breath.

Breathlessness During Pregnancy
Supports expectant mothers by easing diaphragm tension, alleviating discomfort, and promoting deeper breathing during the evolving stages of pregnancy and labour.

Optimal Usage

When to Apply
• At the first sign of viral symptoms.
• Daily after showers for preventive care.
• Hourly when experiencing acute symptoms.

How to Apply
Apply onto the chest, neck, back and bottom of the feet using upward motions. For enhanced relief during flu, wear socks after applying to the feet.

Breathe Ease Massage Method

Purposeful Ingredients

Grapeseed Oil
Fir Needle
Cedarwood Virginia

Calm Me

Safe for Newborns to Adults.

When the weight of the world feels heavy, turn to Calm Me. Infused with a potent blend of Lavender, Chamomile Roman, and Tangerine, Calm Me is a haven for those seeking solace from restless nights, daily anxieties, and the challenges of ADHD. It's not just another blend, it's a promise — to calm frayed nerves, lull overactive minds, and soothe restless bodies, ensuring rejuvenated mornings. For the overstimulated child, the stressed-out adult, and everyone in between, Calm Me is the touch of tranquility you've been seeking.

Soothing Support For

Daily Stresses
Reduces everyday anxieties and tensions, helping you find moments of peace in a chaotic world.

Overactive Minds
Offers tranquility and a mental pause for those whose minds never seem to stop.

Restless Nights
Ensures deeper and more restorative sleep, rejuvenating you for the next day.

Adult Anxiety
Assists in lowering the intensity of anxious thoughts and feelings, ushering in a more centered mindset.

Emotional Overwhelm
Acts as an anchor during overwhelming emotional states, grounding you back to a state of calm.

Physical Tensions
Helps relax physical tension that can result from stress, allowing your body to soften and release.

Restlessness in Children
Provides a soothing touch during times of agitation or overstimulation, including in children with ADHD.

Overstimulated Infants
Calms fussy and irritable babies, easing them into relaxation and comfort.

Environmental Adjustments
Useful for those adjusting to new environments, reducing feelings of nervousness or unease.

Optimal Usage

When to Apply
• At the first signs of emotional or mental unrest.
• About 30 minutes prior to resting or sleeping for deeper relaxation.
• Expecting mothers can find solace by applying it over the belly, offering relaxation to both the mother and the baby.

How to Apply
For optimal absorption and effect, gently apply Calm Me into the ear lobes and along the nape of the neck. This targeted application ensures the blend's potent ingredients work directly where tension often accumulates, providing immediate relaxation and tranquility.

Calm Me Massage Method

Purposeful Ingredients

Grapeseed Oil
Chamomile Roman

Deep Sleep

Safe for Newborns to Adults.

Deep Sleep stands as your haven to tranquil nights. Crafted with a harmonious blend of essential oils, including Lavender, Clary Sage, and Copaiba, our formulation gently cradles you into a realm of peaceful slumber. It addresses a multitude of sleep challenges, from insomnia to anxiety-induced restlessness. With consistent use, it nurtures a more regular sleep cycle, ensuring that you are consistently enveloped in serene dreams. Whether facing a restless mind or an environment that disrupts, Deep Sleep offers a natural sanctuary for every age.

Natural Relief Against

Insomnia & Sleep Deprivation
Provides a natural aid for restless nights, encouraging deeper and more consistent sleep patterns.

Anxiety-Induced Sleeplessness
Helps to calm an overactive mind, making it easier to drift off into a world of dreams.

Interrupted Sleep Cycles
Supports a more continuous sleep phase, reducing the occurrences of night awakenings.

Environmental Sleep Disruptions
Designed for those affected by disturbances in their sleep environment, helping to ease into uninterrupted slumber.

Stress-Related Sleep Issues
Assists in releasing the day's tensions and worries, preparing the mind and body for a rejuvenating night.

Physical Discomfort & Restlessness
Aids in soothing bodily discomforts that may prevent one from finding a comfortable sleep position.

Mood-Related Sleeplessness
Enhances relaxation and emotional balance, promoting a peaceful transition into sleep.

Optimal Usage

When to Apply
30 minutes before bedtime to set the stage for a restful night.

How to Apply
Gently apply onto the chest, back of the neck, and earlobes to experience its calming effects and prepare the body and mind for deep sleep.

Deep Sleep Massage Method

Purposeful Ingredients

Grapeseed Oil
Clary Sage

Fever Relief

Safe for Newborns to Adults.

Navigating through the discomfort of a fever can be an exhaustive ordeal, especially during those moments when your body feels overwhelmed. Created with precision and care, our Fever Relief formula provides immediate cooling relief and a soothing experience. It's designed to assist in breaking fevers, stabilize body temperatures, and restore your vitality. Faced with the challenges of a high-temperature fever or simply seeking preventive care for a swift recovery, Fever Relief stands as the trusted, natural option for individuals of all ages.

Fever Care Essentials

High Body Temperatures
Assists in lowering and stabilizing elevated body temperatures.

Discomfort During Fever
Offers instant cooling relief from the discomfort associated with fever.

Vaccine Preparedness
Helps in preemptively managing potential feverish reactions, especially common after childhood immunizations, ensuring a smoother post-vaccination recovery for all ages.

Recovery Post-Fever
Aids in swift energy restoration post-fever, ensuring a return to one's active self.

Preventive Care
Regular application post-fever strengthens the immune response, boosts energy, and prevents relapse.

Optimal Usage

When to Apply
• Initiate application upon noticing the first signs of a viral infection or fever.
• For sustained relief, reapply every 15 to 30 minutes until fever symptoms diminish.
• After the fever has passed, ensure a thorough recovery and rejuvenation of energy by continuing a twice-daily application for several days.
• Before scheduled vaccines, particularly childhood immunizations that might lead to feverish side effects, apply in advance as a preventive step.

How to Apply
Gently apply onto pivotal areas including the spine, abdomen, and the soles of the feet. This ensures optimal absorption and provides maximum relief.

Fever Relief Massage Method

Purposeful Ingredients

Grapeseed Oil
Moroccan Rosemary

Immune Boost

Safe for Newborns to Adults.

Immune Boost is more than just a guard against common illnesses. This carefully curated blend offers a robust defence mechanism, providing your body with the fortification it needs against a host of pathogens. Harnessing the prowess of Frankincense Serrata, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus Globulus, and other potent ingredients, this formula not only offers protection but also revitalizes your system with consistent use. From daily vitality to the tougher health moments, Immune Boost is the natural shield for all ages, ensuring Better Protection, Faster Healing, Reduced Fatigue, Clearer Skin, Healthier Hair & Stronger Nails.

For Holistic Health

Immune System Support
Boosts and strengthens your body's natural defences.

Disease Prevention
An additional shield against common diseases, ensuring you stay healthier.

Infection Control
Offers an added barrier against infections, keeping you safeguarded.

Pathogen Combat
Fights off bacteria, viruses, and other harmful microorganisms.

Rapid Recovery
Ensures wounds and infections heal faster.

Vitality & Vigor
Reduces feelings of fatigue and keeps you feeling active.

Natural Radiance
With regular use, witness clearer skin, healthier hair and stronger nails.

Optimal Usage

When to Apply
• Children attending educational institutions should apply regularly due to increased exposure to various germs.
• For optimal immune support and best results, begin and end your day with Immune Boost to ensure consistent bolstering of your body's defences.
• If you feel unwell or find yourself in high-risk environments, consider applying more frequently throughout the day.

How to Apply
Gently apply onto your wrists, the back of your neck, and the tops of your feet, ensuring even distribution for maximum absorption and effectiveness.

Immune Boost Massage Method

Purposeful Ingredients

Grapeseed Oil
Eucalyptus Globulus
Tea Tree
Frankincense Serrata
Sweet Orange

Pain Relief

Safe for Newborns to Adults.

Navigating the maze of pain relief solutions can be a painful task in itself. Many over-the-counter gels, creams, and patches offer relief, only to deliver a biting sting in return—a discomfort that's especially harsh for those with delicate skin. Introducing Pain Relief: a gentle yet potent blend that offers genuine comfort. Infused with the powerful synergy of Juniper Berry, Rosalina, and Spruce, our blend goes beyond mere pain masking; it targets the very heart of your discomfort. Gentle on the most delicate skin yet formidable against intense aches, Pain Relief is the versatile answer for everyone, from restless newborns to adults with persistent pains.

Natural Relief Against

Joint Discomfort
Directly eases symptoms associated with joint pain, enhancing your mobility and flexibility.

Muscle Soreness
Whether stemming from strenuous workouts, daily life strains, or sports-related injuries, it deeply penetrates to relieve muscle tightness, tension, and discomfort.

Back and Neck Pain
Effectively soothes the constant ache in the back and neck regions, often exacerbated by poor posture or extended periods of sitting.

Sports-Related Injuries
From strains to sprains, it offers targeted relief for a range of sports-induced ailments.

Nerve Pain
Specifically formulated to target the root cause of nerve-related discomfort, providing genuine relief and a calming effect.

Growing Pains in Children
Gentle yet potent, this blend is tailored to alleviate the discomfort of growing pains in young ones.

Limb Tension
Reduces tension and discomfort in limbs, facilitating easier and pain-free movement.

Water Retention in Expecting Mothers
Alleviates discomfort, pain, and swelling caused by water retention during pregnancy.

General Fatigue
Ideal for tired parents, the elderly, athletes, working adults, and growing children, this formulation rejuvenates, revitalizes, and addresses overall body fatigue.

Optimal Usage

When to Apply
• At the first onset of pain or discomfort.
• Before strenuous activities like exercise or hard labour to prep muscles.
• After strenuous activities to ease tightness and reduce knots.
• During post-workout massages to aid in muscle recovery and relaxation.
• Consistently on all painful areas to improve blood circulation and encourage healing.

How to Apply
Apply directly onto affected areas, using gentle yet firm strokes to soothe and revitalize tired muscles and joints.

Pain Relief Massage Method

Purposeful Ingredients

Grapeseed Oil
Juniper Berry
Blue Tansy

Skin Revival

Safe for Newborns to Adults.

Skin Revival is your daily companion in achieving and maintaining vibrant skin health. Crafted with precision and care, our formula not only addresses a plethora of skin issues but also enhances overall skin health with regular use. From rejuvenating acne-redness to preventing diaper rash and promoting a naturally radiant complexion, Skin Revival is the holistic choice for all ages.

Natural Relief Against

Acne & Baby Acne
Reduces redness and inflammation.

Rashes & Dry/Flaky Skin
Hydrates and calms irritated skin.

Offers soothing relief to itchy, inflamed patches.

Abrasions & Burns
Assists in healing and skin restoration.

Insect Bites
Diminishes itching and inflammation.

Diaper Rash
A gentle remedy for tender bottoms.

Fungal Infections
Acts as a protective barrier.

Scarring & Stretch Marks
Reduces visibility and promotes skin repair.

Mastitis & Cracked Nipples
Soothes inflammation and intensely moisturizes to aid the healing of cracked skin, providing relief from discomfort.

Vulnerable Skin Condition
Enhances and rebuilds, making skin more resistant to common issues.

Optimal Usage

When to Apply
• At the first sign of skin discomfort or irregularities.
• Use daily after showers to moisturize and rebuild the skin’s protective barrier, helping prevent future skin issues.

How to Apply
Gently apply onto affected areas, ensuring even distribution. For best results, apply twice daily.

Skin Revival Massage Method

Purposeful Ingredients

Grapeseed Oil
Geranium Egyptian
Cedarwood Atlas
Rose Absolute

Tummy Relief

Safe for Newborns to Adults.

Tummy Relief stands as your natural shield against digestive discomforts. With a meticulous blend of potent ingredients like Ginger Root, Tarragon, and Star Anise, this formula targets a wide spectrum of tummy troubles, ensuring comfort and well-being. Whether you're battling bloating, queasiness, or constipation, Tummy Relief offers a holistic remedy. Moreover, with regular application, it promises to fortify your gut health, making it a proactive choice for all ages.

Natural Relief Against

Indigestion & Heartburn
Eases discomfort, facilitating smoother digestion.

Bloating & Gassiness
Rapidly alleviates, offering a more settled belly feeling.

Poor Appetite
Aids in stimulating hunger, enhancing the overall eating experience.

Queasiness, Nausea & Morning Sickness
Acts as a calming remedy during unsettling stomach episodes, especially beneficial for expectant mothers.

Diarrhea & Constipation
Assists in regulating bowel movements, maintaining digestive balance.

Food Poisoning
Serves as a trusted ally during times of digestive distress.

Colic & Stomach Upsets
Provides immediate relief, especially for colicky babies.

Weakened Gut Health
With consistent use, strengthens and fortifies the digestive system's resilience.

Optimal Usage

When to Apply
• Apply at the onset of digestive discomfort or when symptoms first appear.
• Use daily after meals to support and maintain optimal gut health.
• For babies, it's advised to apply after feeding sessions to mitigate gas and prevent indigestion.
• Especially beneficial for mothers after delivery, particularly if experiencing challenges with bowel movements.
• In severe situations, such as pronounced colic in babies, applying hourly can offer intensified relief.

How to Apply
Apply on the stomach in a clockwise manner to ensure maximum absorption and effectiveness.

Tummy Relief Massage Method

Purposeful Ingredients

Grapeseed Oil
Ginger Root CO2
Star Anise

Safety & Care

For all our products, we emphasize the importance of safety first. Before using any item from our range, we strongly advise conducting a skin patch test to ensure there are no sensitivities or allergic reactions. Each product is thoughtfully crafted with your well-being in mind; however, they are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any diseases. They are designed to complement, not replace, professional medical treatments and advice. For specific health concerns or persistent issues, always consult with a healthcare professional. Your health and safety are our utmost priority, and we recommend using our products in conjunction with regular healthcare consultations and good hygiene practices.

For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. Discontinue if any irritation surfaces and seek medical advice. Keep out of children's reach.

Best stored in a cool, dry place.

Naturally made in Singapore by Da Essential